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John Cameron Fogerty is an American musician, songwriter and guitarist, early in his career best known as the singer and guitarist of the group Creedence Clearwater Revival and later as an artist ‘s success solo recording. Fogerty was inscribed on the list of Rolling Stone’s 100 greatest guitarists and the list of 100 greatest singers.

The John Fogerty 325 Guitar was the first of the Capri series of hollow body guitars released in 1958 by Rickenbacker. It was crafted by Roger Rossmeisl, a guitar craftsman from a family of German luthiers. Production models were 20-3 / 4 “short scale fretboard dot inlays, and a small (12-3 / 4” wide) body.

The John Fogerty 325 Guitar body is not bound, semi-hollow, with 2:00 sound hole angle (although re-issues lack a sound hole thanks to the Lennon connection), and has the “crescent moon” -style cutaways. This series is currently available only as a reissue “C”. These instruments become more important due to the use of John Lennon with a 325 in the early years of the Beatles. Model 1958 John Lennon was among the first batch made and pre-production feature a solid top, ie, no sound hole. All subsequent output short scale Rickenbackers 300 series (310, 315, 320, 325) have sound holes until the late 1970s.

John Fogerty Rickenbacker Guitar


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In 64′- 65 ‘He bought a Fender Mustang off the Golliwogs hardware (3/4) much has been done with this. When John was in the army exchanged Tom Fender and resoglas SUPRO John and got a John Fogerty Rickenbacker Guitar. John Bigsby vibrato enabled Rickenbacker just before Susie Q. In Guitar World August 1998 John said that he used a Fender Tremolux ( a white tolex piggyback model with two ten-inch speakers ) before he bought the Kustom amp, maybe it’s this amp on the Golliwogs recordings.

First electric guitar was a Silvertone Fogerty with a small five-watt amplifier he bought, he had earned from his paper route. In the mid-sixties with Golliwogs, Fogerty played a Fender Mustang later he exchanged for aJohn Fogerty Rickenbacker Guitar which he equipped with a Bigsby vibrato. During the first days of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fogerty bought a Gibson ES-175 which was later stolen and replaced with a Gibson Les Paul. During the era Fogerty Creedence used at least two Les Paul, one with a Bigsby vibrato and with a piece of standard tail. The Rickenbacker and Bigsby without Les Paul guitars were main Fogerty Creedence throughout the era.

John Fogerty Rickenbacker 325


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It was crafted by Roger Rossmeisl, an electric guitar craftsman from a family of German luthiers. Production models were 20-3 / 4 “short scale fretboard dot inlays, and a small (12-3 / 4” wide) body. The body is not bound, semi-hollow, with 2:00 sound hole angle (although re-issues lack a sound hole thanks to the Lennon connection), and has the “crescent moon” -style cutaways. This series is currently available only as a reissue “C”. These instruments become more important due to the use of John Lennon with a John Fogerty Rickenbacker 325 Electric Guitar in the early years of the Beatles. Model 1958 John Lennon was among the first batch made and pre-production feature a solid top, ie, no sound hole. All subsequent output short scale Rickenbackers 300 series (310, 315, 320, 325) have sound holes until the late 1970s.

There is the John Fogerty Rickenbacker 325 Electric Guitar Features:
Semi-hollow maple body
21 frets
20-3/4″ scale
1-5/8″ nut width
Rosewood fingerboard
Dot markers
Accent Vibrato tailpiece
Set neck
3 vintage single-coil pickups
Deluxe Vintage tuners

Rickenbacker John Fogerty

6John Fogerty That is arranging. That’s exactly what that is knowing the qualities of a Rickenbacker guitar and how it will mix with other guitars.

This Rickenbacker John Fogertyt of our conversation below, Fogerty opens on the fa Which he crafted some of the music of Creedence and worked with his former band.

These are subjects that he has not always warmed to After acrimonious breakdown of the JRC in 1972 and a serious protracted legal battles with Fantasy Records, Fogerty refused to perform his old hits live. Rickenbacker John Fogerty was not until 1997 that he began to reconnect its catalog back and make peace with the first amazing chapter in his life.Then creation there is a 1952 Gibson Southern Jumbo – the one with the P-90 on it. In fact, I learned that at the beginning of my vintage collection.Rickenbacker John Fogerty is kind of lean P-90, but that is what it is I do not use it at all. I used this guitar a lot about Blue Moon Swamp.

Rickenbacker John Fogerty sounded like a train for me When I scratched an agreement, I went, it only comes spooky, wooded thing There are many great acoustic guitars now being made again. “Oh, my God.” I did not grow up with Martins.

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John Lennon Rickenbacker 325 guitar
The Beatles to Hamburg in August 1960, saw the guitarist John “, “Telemann, George shearing quintet, played Rickenbacker 325 in 1959. At once he became interested in the guitar. One day, John and George went to the Steinway Hamburg (local research shows that the guitar may have obtained from the nearby Musicians Roth off). George bought Gibson amplifier and John in the natural finish bought “guitar his dream”, a Rickenbacker Capri’s 325. This is quite surprising to see that “figure,” and the connection between the Capri 325 began, as early as in 1958. When this question about the cost of the amplifier and guitar George Harrison recalled: – “I think we bought their “ring”. A pound deposit, the rest of the time they catch you. He added: – I don’t know if we pay them, but… ? they are really great ”


George Harrison 12 string Rickenbacker 425

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George Harrison Rickenbacker 12 string 425 guitar

Second Beatle even get a Rickenbacker was George Harrison. In September 1963, he bought a jetglo 12 string 425 model, while visiting his sister Louise in Benton, Illinois. In a letter I again he  the best him Account that bought it George this guitar in a Musikgesch Ft in Mount Vernon, Illinois.

george harrison rickenbacker 425

Mr. Bill Beatty, the music shop “Beatty” in the western town in the north Height of Benton has, Illinois recalls this event and is best able to Term that he males with the two M , said George sold his Rickenbacker. The store was Fenton’s Music Store in Mount Vernon, Illinois, and to be the man was, was the only sale Tiny claims Len Wymette.


This Rickenbacker 12 string  425 guitar never became a favorite of George Harrison. He has to be used only for a short time. It can broadcast with the guitar in the “Ready Steady Go”, a television broadcast October 4, 1963 (now raised to video Ltlich) to see

George Harrison with his Rickenbacker 425 in Sheffield 2 November 1963. 1999 Corbis Images. All rights reserved. Used by permission

Premier 360/12 string George Harrison

george harrison rickenbacker 425 guitar

February 8, 1964 was a day that Rickenbacker (see Francis C. Hall) really a big s contribution to the sound made the day sixties.That Mr. Hall called the Beatles (John, Paul and Ringo) in the h Such a suite at the Hilton H as Savoy in NYC.There he showed them his new Invention, Electric zw Lf string.George Harrison, who was back in H as the Plaza, had the flu and stayed in bed.The other boys wanted to give him a chance to try this new guitar, so they went to his hotel.George that gave a telephone interview to the radio station WDGY Minneapolis, tried this new guitar. When he the guitar DJ radio station offered him the instrument as a gift.But Francis C. Hall had already decided to give this instrument, and he did it. George Harrison seemed to be a little confused about the role he new U gift.A further development of this is sp Ter discussed in this article. The introduction of the chain Rickenbacker guitar zw Lf Francis C. Hall has a dimension was added to the sound of the sixties, which was adopted by countless groups around the world. This brilliant business Ftsidee Mr. Hall has obtained it Ht his popularIt t enormously guitars. Both the company and the Rickenbacker many musicians should benefit from the introduction of the first electric 12-string guitar.


Of George Harrison first 360/12 was the second zw 12-string Rickenbacker ever made. The prototype had slightly different properties. The most important difference between the two is how they are threaded. The first tw Lf cha Had a typical configuration with tw Lf strings. George on guitar, octave colleagues were four bass strings with the second octave strings paired each donkey occur vice versa. It was the first Rickenbacker strung in this way. That’s why Mr. CF space refers to h Frequently on their first HERE!

W During 12 string

series of Harrison was the second act, but the award as a prototype for all other instruments and how it was guitar strung.George Harrison he had a growing rosette, inlays triangle, trapeze tailpiece, double white e pickguard and black Bedienkn heads. The color is Fireglo. This model is available in a version of the new edition, the 360/12V64 model.

Brilliant L Solution Doll (360/12V64) 1999 Bj Rn Eriksson


Always uses his first tw Lf cha Doing you k Can it in the song “Fish On The Sand” from the album “Cloud Nine” (1987) to h Ren. George Harrison said, “- The Rickenbacker guitar is really good, I love the sound of it and the way they where brilliant mechanics fit so well that even if you are drunk, k can you ever know what  weight you run..


The story of George Harrison 12 string said, in his own words, from a radio interview in 1988:

” First, I have ever seen was when have during her first trip, and we went to the store in Hamburg Steinway and I bought a stronger amplifier and John Gibson bought in Hamburg, the Beatles w, have this little Rickenbacker, you know, was very well known by the Beatles concerts. There was this scale neck. I think he had seen used just an album by a man Jean Thielemans, guitarist with his’ The George Shearing Quintet ” and he had one of those Rickenbackers.


Sp Ter when we went to America, I think, for the Ed Sullivan Show in February 1964, was a Rickenbacker show in this series of h had Such, but I was sick time, I’ve never done this, but I thought Rickenbacker had personally gave me this guitar was the tw Lf-string, I used at night Hard Day, Ticket To Ride and all these songs . I actually use on my new album, Cloud Nine is a song called “Fish On The Sand”. So is it Where, however, Rickenbacker is the number two, apparently it is the second act, and I found that it actually bought a radio station Rickenbacker and pr They sented me.


Well, you have the first, Liverpool any good Americans saw guitar imagine at that time that we were sensational for us, and we had old beat-up, pathetic at this stage guitars, and we do not really money to buy ’em but I remember that we bought when John got that Rickenbacker and I had this amplifier stronger and we have what they call “Hammer” you know, the book from the rest when you catch, and … we have … I know not know if we ever really paid, but …


It was a big e looking guitar and I think in England you had to order and wait six months, you know, not only for the Rickenbackers for everything, Fender and Gibson and I think it was purely that John needed a anst ndigen guitar and it’s only happened in the workshop, and he liked the look of it.


It was 1964 when I use this guitar in H as the Plaza in New York, we were there to the Ed Sullivan Show, and I immediately liked the guitar because you knew exactly who was which.Some cha tw lf of them strings, you know, spend hours trying to capture you turn bad Kn heads, many of them. So I started to use it in the n Next session after the first trip Beatle USA and then. He was probably Hard Day night, it’s right there, on the downbeat of the He Opening of the Hard Days Night, this agreement and I have the whole “I h Tte have known better” by many songs hard night of day, and I think the last Beatles song was, I remember playing on, makes the chain Rickenbacker zw lf years was “Ticket to Ride”.


The strange thing about the guitar, really, I do not think electronics is very good. I know not know if they have improved, they are likely to already, but they have like a whole bunch of them embroidered on them, I believe, four buttons and a tiny little button, and I never .., it never seems to do anything. All it seemed to be never, there was a Ger Usch that I where it was to get clear is that sound that I use, and there was a different tone when it comes muffely everything I ‘ve never used, but it does not really seem to have anything to do clear sound, but it’s the sound you h ren for Ticket To Ride and all other we have spoken.


Zw Lf cha Was actually quite easy as it was to h ren, You know, you really h always this problem with tw Lf strings Got ren. But as I said, the neck, it was very easy. In fact, having not played for years, and I thought, until recently, I was surprised at the neck is so close in fact, that one must be very careful when you Pull the F because it You know, the first and the sixth cha ass k can push on the heart-piece neck if you press’em on an angle. But it is very good at what I remember. I used to play in concerts for years and it has me never had any problems.


Yes, well, I’m happy to say that I still have the guitar is an excellent classical guitar now, I think. I h Length on a wall at home and like I said, I use the “fish on the sand” where some people have said, oh, he reminds them of some of the Beatles song, I know not, not, but that’s just because the sound of it the sound you just associate Beatles recordings of this sixties. The tw Lf-string Rickenbacker sound is a sound on its own. ”


A George Harrison  investigation in Lewisohn book “The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions” shows that the first song was recorded in 1964 with the Rickenbacker l2-string guitar ” There I h tte have known better.” The registration dates are February 25 (take 1-3) and 26 February (22:04 to take). The n Logical song by the string of tw Lf was recorded “I Call Your Name” on 1 M March. The tw Lf-string pattern on this song really shows the “new” sound, giving the song a very special touch. The song is perhaps more to the zw Lf-string, “A Hard Day Night” was recorded on 16 April (1964). 

Left Handed Rickenbacker 360

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Left handed Rickenbacker 360  Guitar replica

left handed rickenbacker guitar 325 hollow body

This is a left handed Rickenbacker 360 hollow body guitar, very rare to see in the market nowadays.
Rickenbacker 360 half Hollow-body guitar (box) design in 1958, the half- hollow body guitar became a staple in the 60 s of the British invasion of guitarist. It is equipped with two high gain single coil pickups reproduce sound.
This guitar to break the traditional model of all the rules, when it appears in a piece of the “British” voice of the 1960 s. Through several years update ably, the luxury hollow body with the surrounding its special shape, the whole body circumference is still all is probably the most comfortable of the guitar. Combination and mahogany fingerboard, Mosaic triangle pearloid marker, provides a very attractive appearance. The stereo output is the standard.
The guitar yesterday? Meet today’s guitarist
Today’s guitarist is a spoiled a lot. Although many people insist that any new design in the field of instrument design and manufacturing technology has been designed and manufactured, there seems to be a little room for innovation. Therefore, guitarist is easy to content with their achievements, and rely on their ancestors have laid a good ploug path. Reverse for 50 years, can you use a completely different music view greeted us. In 1958, when 360 was first introduced by Rickenbacker company, this guitar from other at any time give a guitarist, and could not have come at a time when. In particular, the British invasion of members soon rob guitar and to make good use of its inherent bell, bright, shiny, set the tone.
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Left Handed Rickenbacker Guitar

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Left handed Rickenbacker 325 Electric Guitar

From classic rock today is still a favorite in the ’60 s.
Its unique hollowbody construction, slender neck, full body contour rickenbacker 330 left hand guitar very comfortable, very easy to play it has held as one of the great guitar for decades. Its body is made up of a whole piece of maple and accurate with a solid back. Maple and hua limu neck function double truss and rosewood fingerboard polka dot mark. One coil pick-up is clear, bell provide output in the range of saturated speeding.
left handed rickenbacker guitar 325
Also all Rickenbacker guitar in elaborate handmade in the United States, just as they have been Adolf Rickenbacker his first electric guitar in 1931, the U.S. Patent Office, in fact there is little in our production method, change for many years. The specification requirement is simple, is perhaps the most elegant and delicate engineering virtue.
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Rickenbacker 325 Capri

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Rickenbacker 325 capri
New short scale Rickenbacker Capri 325 features colorful accessories – 3 pickups and Kaufman vibrato. This is a 2 “thick road hollow out strong guitar three half pick-up selection switch, single color, and a volume control. Available the end of this year is a natural (honey) and Autumnal (dual tone brown)
325th number V80, was sent to radio telephone on January 2, 1958, there were at least 28 325 s (including some changes), is produced in this year. Natural finish Rickenbacker 325 Capri NAMM show was published in the 58 years, therefore, some were shipped to west Germany. The effect of the same natural solidtop, destined to become a part of music history.
Rickenbacker 325 Capri  is not a commercial success, it’s going to be any recognition in nearly 6 years before. May be trying to later that year to reignite interest in the model Rickenbacker 325 Capri is still in inventory being sent back to factory additional modification of tone and volume control, to make them four control the guitar. It is considered Lennon’s guitar in the units of these changes. This special guitar was shipped to fly forge master Worker company in Germany in October 1958, but still remain in stock somewhere, until it is established in 1960 by young Beatles in Steinway Musicians, Hamburg to buy. Modification and repair soon after, the rest is part of a Rickenbacker 325 Capri Saturday… To enjoy.